What is Workkel?
Workkel is an early stage career assessment tool developed for schools to share with their students. Our unique software allows students to explore different professions in a safe environment, and organizes the information to facilitate meaningful discussions with counselors.

Why Choose Workkel?

  • Workkel levels the playing field. Children from wealthier families benefit from their parents' experience more than their peers, learning about different professions that children from modest backgrounds will never hear about.
  • A little insight can be a big step forward. Some adults struggle for years to settle into a career. Others find their true calling later, often through trial and error. Focusing earlier can be an advantage.
  • Workkel improves the current system. Despite a big focus on college selection in many high schools, many students don’t finish where they start. We help students focus their plans for education and training after high school.
  • Designed for your institution. Each institution can decide whether to integrate Workkel into a hands-on planning process or offer as a self-service tool for students.


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